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Episode one

'Missing property'

Pilot Synopsis

A world-weary detective ordered to retrieve an escaped synthetic humanoid must unravel a web of lies, and learn what it really means to be human, before it is too late.


Body. Electric.

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The World of 2181

"They make a desert and call it peace"

Large Cobalt deposits were found in West Africa in 2141, a necessary rare element used in the manufacturing of computers and enabling military machines to advance at a rapid pace. This leads to a global arms race, kickstarting the Third World War, lasting from 2145-2178, and though largely fought using machines, the African Indigenous peoples were decimated and amid the chaos, the continent changed borders and was annexed by the United Adams Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of (USFC) U.S. Foreign Corp., Eur/Rus/China, New Britain and a half dozen other nations. Together, they captured the asteroid and begun work on the Elevator.


The indigenous peoples of Africa, the poor seeking work and the unwanted were pushed to the outskirts of the cities and forced to settle in enclaves known as Freezones or 'FZ's'. The Citizens of 'Freezones' blame Robots for joblessness and the war and synthetics are banned, punishable by death. Also, known as 'off-lining'. Freezone leaders are chosen by the ruling territory and known as Citizen Overseers.

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